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Join our next 6 Week Shred. Starts 7 October!

Get fit, inspired & motivated

Train with like-minded people

Reach your fitness potential

Bondi Beach Bootcamp

Coogee Beach bootcamp

Botany fitness classes

Tailored personal training in Eastern Suburbs

The best investment you'll ever make!

Fun, effective outdoor fitness programs with group classes and personal training in some of Sydney's most stunning locations

Getting started with a training program can be overwhelming for some. Taking the first step could be as easy as attending one of our group fitness classes.

Try our group bootcamp classes out for just $15! Book in now for your 7 Day Trial.

Why join Team One Fitness?

Team One Fitness will create an inspiring workout and customised personal training program to suit your needs and ability focusing on toning, weight loss, or general fitness, adapted to your fitness level.

With dedication, the right nutrition and a positive mindset, you can make significant changes to your body and feel great. In Team One Fitness, you’ll find the inspiration and motivation so that exercise ultimately becomes a lifestyle choice.

Our group fitness classes are fast, effective and will only take 45-minutes of your time. Classes are always varied and challenging to keep your body guessing and of course get the results you want!

All our bootcamp training sessions are held outdoors in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs at beautiful parks and beaches. Currently we’re running sessions at: Bondi Beach, Coogee and on Zoom.


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